Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Wooden Case Sega Saturn Laptop

Remember the Sega Saturn? You know, that short-lived game system of the mid 90’s. Well, this time a Turkish modder “c_mon” has produced a striking wooden Sega Saturn laptop.

As you can see from the photos, the main case is made from wood, plywood to be exact. Several pieces of the plywood were cut out using a CNC Router and laminated together to achieve the full height needed to enclose the internal electronics. The finished case takes up a little less real estate than the original, however it is slightly taller.

You may recognize the screen as an old PSOne unit. The screen was taken part and housed in it’s own wooden enclosure which is hinged to the main case. The video is supplied to the screen by a composite output from the Saturn. There is no unique CD lid either, the screen functions as one when it is folded down. For sound there are a couple built in powered speakers that tap into the stock audio output.

In case you are interested here are full specifications of this amazing product:

  • CNC-cut case,
  • CNC artwork aplied to the case first time by me,
  • 5" Sony PSOne screen w/o led mod,
  • Slightly shorter, narrower and thicker than Original Saturn case,
  • 3 step-down power regulators used inside,
  • EL wire used to look stylish,
  • All the case looks very loyal to the original Saturn case,
  • Stereo sound with composite video,
  • Official Saturn and Sega logos applied as engravings and artwork,
  • Cooling fan used to prevent any hot air inside the case(just in case of need;) though original Saturn does not use,
  • Original Saturn Power and Reset units used,
  • Powers on 9v 4A DC adapter,

Throughout these years it has been lurking all the time on eBay and only the lucky ones got it. Currently it is in a possession of a youtube user “sayajay” who did an amazing review of this product:

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Wooden Case Sega Saturn Laptop


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  2. Best comment section ever.

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